Truck and Trailer Rentals

We are a U-Haul Authorized Dealer. To make a reservation or get more information about U-Haul trucks and trailers, visit U-Haul's website at




For your convenience, we sell genuine U-Haul boxes and moving supplies. We have, small, medium, large, and extra-large cardboard boxes.  Special-purpose boxes like electronic, lamp, TV/microwave, dish saver, glass pack, tall and short wardrobe. We have a big selection of moving supplies, like small and large bubble wrap, plain white wrapping paper, sheets of styrofoam, packing peanuts, many types of tapes, rope, gloves and storage locks. There is a 100% buy-back guarantee of any unused U-Haul product with the receipt at our store or any U-Haul Center location nationwide.

Truck/Trailer Rental FAQ

Why should I consider U-Haul one-way rentals?

U-Haul One-way trucks have the lowest decks in the industry, which means working a lot less to load them and to unload them when you get to your final destination. To make a one-way truck  reservation a major credit card. is required. We have four different size one-way trucks:  10', 15', 20' and 26' trucks. In addition, we offer tow dolly's and auto transporters to pull your personal vehicle behind the U-Haul truck. This saves fuel and wear & tear on you vehicle.

U-Haul has many different size enclosed/covered one-way trailers: 4'x8', 5'x8' and 6'x12'.  The 4'x8' trailer is 4' wide, 8' long and 4' high and holds 140 cubic ft, the 5'x8' trailer is 5' wide, 8'long and 5.5'high and holds 208 cubic ft, the 6'x12' trailer is 6' wide, 12' long and 5.5' high and holds 396 cubic ft.  The 6'x12' is the largest U-Haul trailer and it comes with hydralic surge brakes. The 5'x8' and 6'x12'are the only U-Haul trailers that can hold a queen size mattress. We also have an open ramp trailer that can go one-way. It is 5' wide and 9' long and has sides that come up 24 inches. It has a loading ramp on the back to load a 4 wheeler, golf cart or motorcycle.

Can I drop my U-Haul rental off after hours?

You can always drop a U-Haul piece of equipment off after our normal business hours. You should always park the truck or trailer on the east side of our building and as far into the U-Haul parking lot as possible. This way, other U-Haul renters will have room to park if they return after you. Never block our gas pumps or park along Baker Road (you will be fined $30.00 if you do). On a local truck rental, you must replace the fuel you used and turn in a "printed fuel receipt" showing the gallons of fuel purchased. The after Hours "key" drop box is painted orange and is just to the left of our front door. Please hook the fuel receipt to the key ring and drop them both into the box.

What are trailer rental costs?

We have enclosed 6'x 12' trailers for local (round trip) rentals. They hold 396 cubic feet and are 5.5' high.  They rent for $29.95 for 8 hours. You need a class 2 hitch or higher to pull them. We also have enclosed 5' x 8' trailers for local (round trip) rentals. They hold 208 cubic feet and are 5.5' high. They rent for $18.95 for 8 hours. We also have open trailers with tailgates for local rentals: a 4'x 8' and a 5'x9'. The 4'x8' has a ramp and was designed to haul a motorcycle. U-Haul also has a 5'x9' open ramp trailer that can go one-way. It is the only open U-Haul trailer that can go one-way. It has a loading ramp for 4 wheelers, golf carts or motorcycles to take to your cabin up north.

What are truck rental costs?

All local U-Haul trucks have the same mileage rate of $0.79 a mile SUN-THU and $1.19 a mile FRI & SAT.

  • The 10' truck holds up to 400 cubic ft, it is easy to drive and rents for $19.95 (it does not have a loading ramp).
  • The 15' truck holds up to 733 cubic ft, will move a 1 bedroom home and rents for $29.95.
  • The 20' truck holds up to 1,000 cubic ft, will move a 2 bedroom home and rents for $39.95.
  • The 26' truck holds up to 1,600 cubic ft, will move a 3 bedroom home and rents for $39.95.
We also rent cargo vans and pickups for smaller loads. The mileage is never more than 59 cents a mile. We also offer "light commercial" rates for high mileage trips that can lower the mileage rate to 29 cents a mile.
  • The delivery van holds up to 299 cubic ft and is 9' long and rents for $19.95.
  • The pickup truck bed is 5'x8' and rents for $19.95.

All trucks must be refueled (topped-off) by the customer when they are returned and any moving pads used must be refolded. The back of the trucks must be swept out (a minimum $25 fee will be assessed otherwise). We rent the trucks out twice a day, to “2” totally different customers. This means a 24-hour continuous rental is not an option. The 15' trucks go out from 8 AM in the morning to 4 PM in the afternoon (an 8 hour rental period) or from 5 PM through 8 AM the next morning (a 15 hour rental period). The bigger 20' trucks and 26' trucks, go out and come back one hour later (for example: from 9 AM to 5 PM for the day shift, and from 6 PM to 9 AM the next morning for the evening shift.